Karoline de Gier is a senior recruiting expert with heart. “‘I like people’ – that is me. That’s why I love every recruitment project and carry it out with as much passion as you would expect from your own HR department.”

Karoline de Gier has been working as a freelance HR consultant/recruiter independently for for various HR consultancies in Germany and Luxembourg since 2015. Clients range from small SMEs to global multinationals in Europe (UK, Ireland, DACH, Benelux and Nordics). Upon request, Mrs. de Gier also works in interim recruitment projects either as recruiter or as team lead and facilitator. Mrs. de Gier is a trained business economist with a focus on human resources, organization, organizational psychology and adult education. After working in the management of various universities and in management positions in the field of finance, public relations & events, Mrs. de Gier was administrative manager of a company in the Berlin social economy until 2015 leading a team of 20. Building organizations from scratch, developing teams, analyzing and implementing the right tools for growth and stable business development is her passion. In addition, Mrs. de Gier has been involved in various voluntary projects, including also at European level.

“I have always been passionate about people and recruiting. In most organizations it is about people. The right people can facilitate growth and stability of organizations. This is why recruiting has always been one of my main tasks in all the organizations in which I worked. 2015 I made it my main job to find the right people for organizations!”